Saturday, July 15, 2006

No, Sorry I simply can't imagine

When did the left in this country become so unhinged. I ask only in light of the latest abhorrent bile coming from those ever progressive folks over at the daily-kos. (Rhymes with prose) lol, not nose, toes or even those. Just prose, thank you very much.......alllriiiiighty then. Sorry I have been wanting to bring that stupid crap up for some time. Anyway those nice folks, not all of course, but most, and for those of you on the far left who might some day read this, I know I know, don't kid yourselves, the majority of your breathern hate Israel as bad as they hate Bush.
You see Isreal is the cause of all the problems in the Middle East. They bury their adulterers and rape victims in the sand and stone them because of those filthy Zionists. They attack each other with poisonous gas and behead one another because of the dirty Jew. Their leaders starve the children and build monuments to themselves because ........well you get the picture. The Kos crowd will down play this as some anomily but let us not forget who was at the yearly convention with these stupid sick people................ Ambassador Joe Wilson, DNC Chair Howard Dean, Senators Barbara Boxer and Harry Reid.

If ever an issue was black and white, the Left and Israel is one.


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