Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Iraq Veterans Against the War

I read just a snippet before I had to write them a letter..........

The snippet

IVAW Statement on the Second Anniversary of the Iraq War
Today marks the second anniversary of the invasion and occupation of Iraq, a key milestone in the current U.S. Government’s campaign of lies and deceit common since 9/11. We were first told that there was a link between Iraq and the horrible 9/11 attacks. But there was none. Then we were told that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction; yet only a few old warheads and some dormant bacterial cultures have been found despite rigorous ...

My letter

Why would anyone read more. Let me lay it out for you........either you people are just plain stupid or you have found a way to make a buck here. Either way you are no veteran of this great country, you have no honor and should never have been allowed to wear a uniform. I have 2 nephews who have served honorably, one still in Takrit, Iraq. They deserve the honor and respect of the American people not you. It is a fine thing to be able to disagree with power and policy. It is quite another to deliberately lie and deceive all the while calling the COMMANDER IN CHIEF of the very men and women you claim to respect and want to protect a liar and deceiver. You do nothing but kill more of our REAL veterans as you do this.
You are not veterans and you will never be respected.

David Rice

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Re-Energizing the base .......Dartagnan Style...

Black and White for Carl and Co.

Close the friggen borders.
Support the troops and win the friggen war.
Stop spending so much friggen money.
Tell the President to be a friggen man and defend his country and his honor.
Stop with the friggen pandering to the old media.
Want to see energy? Do what is friggen right.