Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Being Presidential

As I sit and wonder how my young nephew Rye is doing in Iraq and wonder also when his little brother Michael will be told to go, I can only quess what is going on in the mind of President Bush. Is he worried that things aren't going as well as he would like and are his worries linked to his own self interest and that of his party or is his worry a genuine concern for the country, our soldiers and the fate of the Iraqi people and for that matter the world. Does he ride his bike and look at the poll numbers slowly slipping to embarrassing lows for him and ultimately the good ole USA? Does he listen to his advisors and wait out the storm in hopes that something good will happen and while he is waiting does my nephew drive over a roadside bomb planted by a smiling jihadist who sees and hears all the anti american rhetoric from London to Paris to Crawford?
What kind of man shirks his responsibilities and cowers at the voices of the antis? What kind of man reads the daily barrage of garbage from the press and says not a word, how many innocent men , women and children have to die before this man stands up and defends not only his country, but decries those who feed on the dead and plant crosses at the roadside while denegrating the very country that would allow them to do such a thing?
I was too young to remember Viet-nam but I can say without hesitation the seemingly unstoppable anti american sentiment permeating this country is killing not only the young men and women in Iraq it is also killing any hope of stopping the Jihadist attitudes of the arab world.

I remember watching Michael Douglas in An American President after Annette Benning left him and told him he lost not only her but he also lost her vote. This is that time for you Mr. Bush, you are losing the vote, losing the confidence of the American people, putting my nephew and countless others lives at risk. What will you do sir, will you continue to flounder or will you become a true American President?
If I ever get that phone call Mr Bush I hope I will not have to blame you, not for getting us into this war of necessity, but for being too weak and unpresidential to win it.