Friday, July 22, 2005

Talkin bout "groupthink"

As I am new to this, I peruse leftist or liberal blogs to try and convince my brethern to "tone down the rhetoric" if I may. I am however disheartened. (I am having one hell of a time) finding any who are independent in their thinking. They as far as I can tell say the same things, use the same terminology, attack and ban any who disagree, delete posts critical of their own and the best yet, they all do this weird animal friday blog.
What's even more amazing is they seem to want donations, their blogs are covered with ads, they congratulate themselves and each other for their wit and wisdom and seem to take themselves very serious indeed. They call themselves progressive liberals yet how progressive can anyone be if they spend their spare time comparing everyone who disagrees with them as either stupid, witless, fasists, nazis or some other derrogatory term.

Groupthink?...........getting closer to black and white everyday

Strange very strange


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