Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Prevaricating 101

Well here we go........
All who pay attention and I realise this ain't many, remember when the loveable President Clinton wagged his finger at us and said "I did not have sexual relations with that woman (girl).
Remember? Pretty amazing as I look back on it. I was a staunch defender of Clinton even after the infamous Blue dress was found with a little bit of Bill on it.......if you know what I mean. I said " hey it is about sex, I would have done thwe same thing if I had a wife and a teenage daughter". Well now that I actually do have a teenage daughter and a partner I realise not only would I have not done the same, I would never have done what is (is) in the first place.

Now what's the purpose here? Well during the Clinton impeachment a couple of folks from
Cali-forn-i-A started a web page demanding the conservatives "Move On" and forget the witch hunt...which in my opinion it was, and get back to the business of running the country. These staunch ultra- liberals today engage in the exact same dirty politics for which they started "move On" to begin with. They constantly decry the Prez as a liar and staunchly oppose everything Bush.

It is quite comical really to see the incredible hypocrisy of these people. Never mind that the so- called lie doesn't exist, never mind that they are backed by George Soros, perhaps the biggest socialist around today, never mind that they are putting all Americans at risk with their never ending assult on the President, they simply don't care. They are playing pay-back for the Clinton debacle and they are determined to have their say.

Prevarication........... a statement that deviates from or perverts the truth, intentionally vague or ambiguous, the deliberate act of deviating from the truth

When President Bush spoke of the dangers posed by Saddam he was simply stating the exact same thing the CIA, Russian Intelligence, German Intelligence, French Intelligence, the entire Senate Armed Services Committee, Bill Clinton, Al Gore and hosts of other people believed. Did he purposefully lie? Quite simply the answer is......No, and anyone who says otherwise is a liar and is putting your family and mine at risk.

The prevarications come from the left and their allies, they hate Bush for the defeat of Gore in 2000, they hate him for his Texas swagger, they hate him for his beliefs in God and they hate him for winning re-election, but even more than that thay hate him for the opportunities he is going to have with the courts and they, as do I , see danger around the bend.

Move-on..................how hard is Black and White?


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