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This new excerpt from an article in the San Diego Union-Tribune of 17 Oct 04 says it all:

Cpl. Kevin Kolm, 23, Hicksville, N.Y.

Kolm's father never considered himself a political activist, but recent events have persuaded him to campaign for Bush.

Thomas Kolm, 56, a retired telecommunications executive, said he was incensed by an anti-war group that included his dead son's name in a public tribute to U.S. troops killed in Iraq. The group used hundreds of pairs of boots, each with a name attached, to memorialize the dead.

"The extreme left has forced me to be very vocal in saying I'm going to vote for George Bush again," said Kolm, a Republican, whose son was killed April 13.

The corporal's brother-in-law also was furious about the anti-war display. He sent the group an e-mail message saying, "If Kevin were here today, he'd put on that pair of boots and do it all over again ... then he'd come home and bury those boots in your ass."

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